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Estate Sale Appraisals in Atwater, CA

Before you get started with your estate sale, learn more about our estate sale appraisal and setup process. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us by telephone or email.

Stage One: Contract

Prior to every estate sale we organize, we create a contract for you and us to sign. This contract may contain various key components that will differ depending on your situation, but it is usually divided into six stages and itemized to follow specific protocol. Once we draw it up, we meet with you and review its details so you can easily navigate the process.

Stage Two: Setup

We bring all the necessary equipment to the location of the sale and begin setting up featured items, finding ways to display them to be appealing to the eyes.

Stage Three: Appraisal

We secure any jewelry, precious, and semi-precious items and prepare them for appraisal. We hold jewelry appraisal credentials and have the education and experience to perform estate sale appraisals on a variety of items. If you do not want to use our company's appraisal services, you will be responsible for paying the fees for your own appraiser.

Stage Four: Advertising

Estate sale advertising will be displayed within a 100-mile radius of your location. We advertise in major local newspapers, on Craigslist, and on sites such as and We also have our own clientele encompassing up to 2,600 people whom we inform about our estate sales. These are distinguished buyers who are ready to shop at your sale.

Stage Five: Conclusion of Sale

We conclude the sale on Sunday by 5:00 pm. By 7:00 pm, all of the accounting from the estate is completed, and we review the weekend's purchase receipt totals with the client. TLC Estate Sale Liquidators is responsible for the division of the profits of the estate sale, and will make sure that you and any staff members are paid. Our fee is a minimum of 25% of the net proceeds of the estate sale, not to exceed 35% of the net proceeds of the estate sale.

Stage Six: Cleanup

The crew will double back to the location of the estate sale and cleanup. This helps ensure that those in charge of the estate can move forward with the next phase in their personal process of their loved one's estate.

If you have any questions about our estate sale appraisal services, feel free to reach out to us and we’d be happy to provide any answers you need.